Before I did this topic, I did some research just to see the different perspectives on the topic but it still bugs me to see how many people talk of overcoming perfectionism. From my standpoint, there is nothing wrong with it.

1. Perfectionists do not accept anything that is short of their best.

2. It is a good thing to strive to produce a product that is not short of perfection.

If you are going to do something, do it properly.

3. Perfectionists do not accept failure. Perfectionists get upset with failure.

Who jumps with joy when they fail? That anger and sadness that you get when you fail will fuel and motivate you to do better next time. You live and you learn.

4. Perfectionists pay attention to the small details.

The small details that many people overlook can break the final result. A perfectionist pays attention to the small details, those of which can be the foundation of the product. And by paying attention to the small details, they will inevitably pay attention to the other details.

5. In this competitive society, you need to be a perfectionist.

I read a post in which the author spoke of ‘healthy striving’ instead of perfectionism. Let’s be real. In this society, ‘healthy striving’ is not good enough. A person’s definition of healthy striving can produce a mediocre product that no one will buy, make one lose the race in a competition, earn grades that are filled with D’s and F’s— grades that employers, medical schools, and graduate schools won’t even accept. But, oh, apparently it is okay because it’s ‘healthy striving’ and you had fun with the process. Good luck with that.

6. Perfectionists cannot couple ‘healthy’ and ‘striving’ .

If you are striving, it isn’t going to always be ‘healthy’. There are going to be times where you will lose sleep, you will break a sweat, where the stress and the frustration will consume you. That frustration, stress and anxiety is the product of you stretching yourself beyond your limits. Life isn’t always going to fun, remember that.

7. After each goal is accomplished, a perfectionist continues for they realize that their ‘best’ is not good enough and their ‘perfect’ can be perfected. 

A perfectionist is very analytical and critical. They will analyze and criticize their past productions and bring the criticism with them to produce their next product to a state that is better than the previous. The cycle continues and thus, their final products get better and better.

8Perfectionists don’t just analyze and criticize their productions, they criticize their life.

If a perfectionist notices a flaw or an area that needs to be corrected, they don’t fiddle with the needle, they work on it as soon as they recognize it. They master their weaknesses and remove the things that demoralize their character.

9. The people who I look up to, the innovators in this society, were/are perfectionists.

I’m not going to aspire to someone who produced sloppy work and decided to not be hard working and sacrificial.

10. A perfectionist is confident in their work and their abilities.

They have every right to be.  Their confidence came from the knowingness that they worked hours, days, months and years to produce their product. While you were sleeping, they were up working and perfecting their craft. I love confidence and I love when people take pride in their work.

11. Side Note: With everything, you cannot overdo it. With exercising, you cannot overdo it. It is the same thing with perfectionism, you cannot overdo it. You need to know when to pause and take a break. However, don’t bash perfectionism because it’s not the perfectionism, it is one’s inability to balance. Perfectionism is not ruining your life, your inability to balance is. 

12. Side Note: Perfectionism and procrastination are two different character traits. If a perfectionist procrastinates, then procrastination is something they need to work on.

13. Side Note: If you feel uncomfortable around perfectionists, that reveals way more about you than them.